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A Comprehensive Guide to Know IQF Vegetable

Vegetables taste the best in season due to their freshness, flavor, and nutritional value. It has now become very easy to enjoy a healthy and affordable alternative around the year, such as frozen vegetables. Freezing is a simple and convenient method to preserve vegetables, but it is important to retain the quality, texture, and nutritional value of the food to keep them healthy for consumption later.

Numerous freezing technologies are used for preserving vegetables, such as blast freezing, plate freezing, and IQF Vegetable freezing. IQF stands out as a powerful food freezing technique that preserves the quality and freshness of the final product for the longest period. 

Individual Quick Freezing: IQF 

Individual quick freezing, or IQF technology, is a special freezing method used in the food industry that involves freezing each vegetable individually without forming ice crystals. The vegetables are quickly frozen at extremely low temperatures with chilled air and cryogenic gasses like nitrogen or carbon dioxide.

An IQF vegetable can easily retain its shape, color, and texture for up to 24 months without losing its taste or nutritional value.

Working Procedure of IQF Technology

IQF vegetable is a healthy option for those who want the convenience of frozen without compromising on taste and nutrition; here is how it works:

1.    Preparation

Vegetables are washed, peeled, and cut into suitable pieces before freezing. They are also blanched with hot water or a brine solution. It is done to hibernate the food’s micro-organisms, yeast, and bacteria and prevent the loss of vital nutrients.

2.    Freezing 

There are two methods of IQF vegetable freezing: mechanical IQF freezers and Cryogenic IQF freezers.

3.    Mechanical IQF freezers

This system works under standard mechanical refrigeration that flows cold air underneath a bedplate or a conveyor belt. Vegetables move inside a blast chiller; the cold air keeps flowing through the vegetables until they are frozen at the exit. Mechanical freezing is mostly used in high-scale industrial or mass production.

4.    Cryogenic IQF Freezers

Also known as “Flash Freezing,” this method involves spraying or immersing the food with liquid nitrogen or carbon dioxide. This process is done at an extremely low temperature to maintain the natural taste and nutrients of the vegetables.

Cryogenic IQF freezing is super-quick and efficient but more costly due to the extensive use of nitrogen or carbon dioxide.

5.    Packaging

Once frozen, vegetables are quickly packed into bags or containers to prevent thawing and sent to the distributors. 

Applications of IQF Vegetable in Different Businesses

The IQF vegetable comes with a lot of health and monetary benefits and is ideal for utilization in a lot of businesses, e.g., hospitality and retail sector:


IQF vegetables helps hotels craft a tempting menu with consistent food quality and less wastage. IQF technology preserves the taste and texture of the food. Hence, hotels can provide diverse and high-quality cuisine throughout the year regardless of the season. These vegetables are frozen individually so chefs can thaw and use only the required amount, leaving the rest to use late.

Restaurants and Bakeshops

From small bakeshops to fine-dine restaurants, IQF vegetables help eateries of all scales to expand their culinary business with versatile options such as:

  • Smoothies and drinks
  • Vibrant and colorful stir fry
  • Soups and salads
  • Pizzas, pastries, and baked savory snacks

Retails and Grocery Stores

IQF products can be easily found in the frozen food aisles of supermarkets as people are always looking for fresh vegetables to prepare home-cooked meals.

Jooever Foods IQF vegetable: IQF Frozen Broccoli Florets

Rich in minerals and vitamins, broccoli is an essential ingredient in many delicious recipes. We, Jooever Foods, are a leading wholesale frozen food supplier who can always deliver high-quality IQF frozen fruits and vegetables worldwide. At Jooever Foods, we can offer 100 percent natural food-grade IQF frozen broccoli florets that retain all the properties of fresh broccoli.

These broccolis are free of any preservatives or chemical additives with all necessary certifications, e.g., ISO, IFS, KOSHER, and HALAL Certifications. You have to open the pack and thaw them, and they are ready to be added to your favorite foods, e.g., soups, salad, pasta, etc.  


Frozen vegetables are an easy and affordable option to enjoy your favorite food throughout the year. They are as packed with nutrients as a freshly ripped crop, a perfect option for healthy eaters. To find the best IQF vegetable supplier, Jooever Foods, could be your top choice. We are a Chinese-based leading frozen vegetable manufacturer, freezing, packing, and we can deliver the best IQF vegetables around the globe. Here, you and your customers can enjoy your favorite delicacies with our Jooever Foods’ frozen vegetables prepared according to the industry’s highest food safety standards!

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