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Jooever’s mission is to bring high quality Chinese frozen foods to the world

About Jooever Foods

Jooever Foods is a leading supplier of high quality frozen food. Our wide and varied range includes frozen vegetables, frozen fruits, frozen berries.

Jooever’s reputation is founded on quality, service and reliability. We insist that our products are processed and packed under a HACCP program and complying with the industry’s highest ISO and food safety standards.

Jooever Foods controls quality from raw materials to finished products. When product is under packing, it is rigorously checked by Jooever QA team, so that Jooever can ensure that the product our customers receive is of the highest quality.

Factory Scene

Adhering to the enterprise mission of “To bring high quality Chinese frozen foods to the world”, 

Jooever Foods is committed to supply high quality frozen vegetables, fruits and berries.

Factory Environment

Cold Storage

Prdoduction Facility

Prdoduction Facility

Color Sorting Machine

X-Ray Machine

Packing Room


Our Team

Benefit from our people-oriented and customer-first philosophy, our teams have a strong sense of team working which can exert their talent values on giving positive contributions in frozen foods industry. We progress in our work and can adapt to changes quickly.

Trusted Partners

We are the leading manufacturer of frozen vegetables, fruits and berries. Our premium quality foods and the professional services have been offered to more than 

30 countries. Positive contribution in various foods industries declared long line of satisfied customers.

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